Oh wow…

 “Oh wow” Thomas said as he ripped Elisha’s tits out of her sweater 

“I mean, I’m sad I missed your friend lady but you’re still not bad!” His tits were perfectly sensitive, and his pussy also responded greatly to the intense affection it’s gotten since Thomas got home. He used to be an accountant, but ever since he’d  been killed in that car accident - he’d been a ghost wondering around possessing people. He’d be celebrities, politicians, but by far his favorite host was the child of a rich person. He was able to live the life he’d always wanted, and do it again and again and again.

He meant to possess the ring leader, because he knew she’d be the best to tame, but this girl got in the way last minute. He didn’t wanna cause a ruckus so he waited it out - and he’s just now finding that maybe it wasn’t such a bad decision after all. 

Hey guys, so sorry about the delay with posts!! I now have two jobs (yippee :)) and ontop of school too I’m trying to make it work. Thanks for your patience! 

- Exo 


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