Wednesday, July 3, 2024

What Gracie Never Had || Commissions Open


"O-oh Wow!" Craig remarked as he moved his new youthful body,

"Why - even at her best Gracie never had - had this!" he said, his hands exploring his wonderfully soft and supple breasts. On the edge of his deathbed, Craig had regrets. He never found out where his wife left off to after she mysteriously disappeared one day 30 years ago, despite his vigilence and passion he just could never get the closure he wanted. The God of Death took pity on him, as he had lived a good life, and took his soul and placed it inside of the young body of the girl in the room next to him. She had been in a terrible car accident that would leave her in a coma permanently. 

Craig stuck out his tongue as he pulled out his new fancy phone, his body's muscle memory taking over and helping his old soul get used to how to operate things like Instagram and Snapchat. It was his body now, so he could dress it and do whatever he wanted to it. So he snapped a couple pics, his new pussy getting aroused just at the sight of him in the mirror. Craigs hands start rubbing his body, warmth growing and tension increasing with every second. Oh, how he wanted to be taken this very moment.

"Katie! Are you up yet?" Katie's mom shouted - ruining the moment. 

"yes-yes mother! I'll be right down" Craig would had to focus on battling the hormones of an 18 year old girl and finding his wife. 

(Girl in the photo is Brooke Monk)

Monday, June 24, 2024

Caption Swap with M! Are You Sure?

 Danny moves his hands down his wonderfully large 36F tits and around his new hips. His mind racing, nervous, turned on a little of disbelief. 

  He hears the door open behind him 

“Are you ready sweetie?” His wife asks, also dressed in similar lingerie, his new body’s reaction at the sight of her being all too familiar 

“Are you sure this is ok?” Danny asks, still getting used to Amanda’s voice instead of his own 

His wife walks closer and grabs his new ass and kisses him, for a tender moment he’s forgotten all of his problems. They slowly walk into the room and his old body is sitting on the couch with the light turned away. 

“Start whenever” he commands. A little reluctantly Danny gets on the bed with his wife. Her hands know exactly where to go to turn this body on, her subtle breathing and moans activating every pleasure center in Danny’s new body. Danny’s wife slowly starts high with her kisses, then works her way down to his taught nipples and gives them a nibble. He moans, ecstasy moving through his body. What feels like hours later, Danny blinks and he’s back in his own body, Amanda nowhere to be seen. 

Just yesterday, Danny and his wife were watching TV after work when they were ambushed by Amanda in their home, whose demands were to have sex or she would take everything they had. They hastily agreed, but didn’t know that Amanda wanted to watch in Danny’s body until they had switched them. 

Hey all! To celebrate me coming back to the hobby, M over at agreed to do a caption swap! Hope you enjoy :D

Also, commissions are still open! Check the dedicated post for more information! 

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Hello! || Commissions Open ||

 Hey all you wonderful TG and Body Switch short story lovers! 

Just wanted to announce to you all that I will officially be opening Commissions up for your personal short story needs! The pricing info is as follows: 

$5 per 100 words, which is about the average size of a post on here, rounded up (IE: 564 words is rounded up to $30) then plus any tip you feel comfortable with sending!

I do not kink shame, as well. Your wish is my command. However if I am not comfortable with certain aspects we can discuss that further 

To get your own customized story, please send me an email at, within the body of the email write your preferred length of the story and any relevant details, then we’ll work out the rest from there! 

I’m excited for this opportunity to grow as a writer and help you guys scratch some of your itches! 



Saturday, August 13, 2022

Oh wow…

 “Oh wow” Thomas said as he ripped Elisha’s tits out of her sweater 

“I mean, I’m sad I missed your friend lady but you’re still not bad!” His tits were perfectly sensitive, and his pussy also responded greatly to the intense affection it’s gotten since Thomas got home. He used to be an accountant, but ever since he’d  been killed in that car accident - he’d been a ghost wondering around possessing people. He’d be celebrities, politicians, but by far his favorite host was the child of a rich person. He was able to live the life he’d always wanted, and do it again and again and again.

He meant to possess the ring leader, because he knew she’d be the best to tame, but this girl got in the way last minute. He didn’t wanna cause a ruckus so he waited it out - and he’s just now finding that maybe it wasn’t such a bad decision after all. 

Hey guys, so sorry about the delay with posts!! I now have two jobs (yippee :)) and ontop of school too I’m trying to make it work. Thanks for your patience! 

- Exo 

Saturday, August 6, 2022


 Daniel would often forget that his body was not his own, then remember at the most random of times. For instance, today, he had just gotten out of the shower and was drying off when he looked down at his body and kinda just remembered that it wasn’t the body he was born in - that he used to be a poor man, in a house that was falling apart, addicted to every kind of drug you could think of, and truly down in the dumps. Now he was Kaitlin, a business woman who made six figures a year, had a nice house. He had stopped thinking about what was “his” but instead what was now “hers” - after all, Daniel had no reason why she swapped bodies with this person. Her original body never reached out or they never found each other so it was just a second chance. 

Daniels phone buzzed to bring her out of this trance. It was this guy she met at the bar last night wondering if she was down for round 2, getting flashbacks from last night he said yes in a heartbeat 

Monday, August 1, 2022

Campfire Conversation

 It was one conversation, had while drunk, at the campfire. 

Stacy and Will (Her daughters boyfriend) had been talking about how hard it was to be each gender, the different societal expectations, inconvenient necessities, etc etc. They had no idea that a fairy lived in the lake they were next to - and decided to take action. 

Will woke up and immediately felt his new breasts and hair, he knew exactly what had happened and was excited, Kaylie’s mom was HOT, he dreamed about feeling up these tits and rubbing her pussy until she came - and that’s what he did. For hours. He’d try on new clothes, masturbate in them, throw them on the floor and repeat that cycle until his girlfriend called him down. 

“Mom cmon we’re gonna be late for the movie!!”

Shit, he thought, he forgot he was gonna go out with his girlfriends family today..the idea of seeing his old body made him want to rub one out again…is this how Stacie really felt? If so he’d happily oblige…

Hey guys! Just want to say thanks for all the support on Patreon! I’ve got Augusts Monthly Story in the editors booths rn so we should see it this first week :) If you’re interested the link is: Thanks! 

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Custom body.cum/user/Alice

 “It’s probably me sleepwalking again,” she thought to herself. It was the only way she was able to process what was going on - it was weird though because her Sleepwalking Episodes wouldn’t happen while she was asleep, like for instance, she was making breakfast and decided to masturbate, cum in a cup, and use that as seasoning for her eggs. (Which tasted pretty good actually, but she wasn’t going to admit that) Even now, she sat down to rub her dick (which was weird because she’d had a pussy all her life, but it was like something overwrote the thought and she just didn’t think about it anymore.) in the living room, taking her tits out of her shirt and fumbling around with them. she’d scream her name and profanities, or just look up stuff she wouldn’t Jack off to in a million years. Alice had no idea that her body had been put up on a custom swapping website, where people could pay to possess her, and pay extra to add any addons - like a dick. All she cared about is cumming in her sweet panties and moving on with her day. 

What Gracie Never Had || Commissions Open

  "O-oh Wow!" Craig remarked as he moved his new youthful body, "Why - even at her best Gracie never had - had this!" he...