“Woahhh” Denise commented, swinging her new penis back and forth

“What??” Ryan asked, curious about what his step sister was doing with his old penis. 

“It’s just, the slightest movement and you’re-it’s-I’m?- hard. Like this time I was just moving it.” Imagining Denise’s wonderful frame with a long cock made Ryan’s new pussy wet. He hadn’t really questioned how or why they swapped lower genitalia but he didn’t really care. So far having a pussy was awesome, the orgasms were amazing…

“Horny huh?” Ryan responded, Denise picked her head out of the bathroom 

“You sure your dad won’t care?” 

“I think if he found us fucking with swapped peices he’d be more confused, especially when he changed my diaper as a kid…” Denise shrugged, she had always found Ryan attractive bud didn’t wanna cross any boundaries by asking him out or anything. She could however here his moans through their vents, and it’d often bring her to orgasm herself. 

Even though it was awkward at first, Ryan and Denise found their swapped parts brought them closer together. 

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