Having Fun

 Jason was having so much fun in his work rivals daughters body. He hadn’t used his hopping powers since before he got married, but when he found out Mark was trying to sabotage his promotion - one that he’d worked hard for - he knew exactly how to distract him.

 But that would have to come later, right now he was reminding himself of how awesome it was to be a spring, 18 year old woman. He danced around his room in just Danielle’s underwear, filming tiktoks and Instagram stories galore. The orgasms too, even though him and his wife had amazing sex, he had forgotten how powerful a woman’s could be. Plus, her nipples were incredibly sensitive too so it was a pleasure basket. 

He knew this was going to be a long-con, he took enough PTO to be Danielle for a couple weeks, more than enough time to get Mark thinking of something else…

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