Dani gasped as the spirit of Paul entered her body. She had received an invite from her crush, Brian, to come over to his house for a study date, she had no idea it was actually a sting operation to get her body. 

“Dude?” Brian asked cautiously, Dani seemed to hit her head on the ground prettt hard, hopefully she didn’t get hurt at all. He saw her eyes open and he let go of a massive breath. 

“Dude!” Paul said shooting up, “I actually did it! I’m actually in her body!!” He said, feeling his new tits and his soft new skin. He wanted to see more so he took everything off and squatted, feeling his new pussy open a little. 

“Holy shit” Brian watched as his crush started feeling herself up right in front of him. It took Paul a little to notice, then notice his best friends new tent. 

“Wanna feel them?” Was all he had to ask, which set up the best night of their lives…


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