The New Cindy

 Ever since Cindy had found that weird pair of panties she noticed she’d been acting strange. They felt normal for the first couple of hours, but then she started to feel her mind slip. She would have spells where she’d move herself unexpectedly, like to grab her boobs and look down and wiggle her toes. Then there was her libido - before she loved masturbating every once in awhile, maybe after the gym or when she was just bored. But now? Every time she looked in the mirror she got incredibly horny. Her most recent spell had her do her laundry completely naked (with the panties of course) it was bizarre. 

When she’d take the panties off to wash them she was back to normal, but there was something alluring about them…she couldn’t remember the last time she didn’t wash them, then immediately put them on again.

She had no idea the spirit of her stalker, Robert, inhabited these panties, and every time she put them on he was able to control her body. Sometimes he liked to just float by in her day to day life - but other times, especially at work when he’d see her perfect tits through her blouse, he just had to take control and really show her who the new Cindy is. 


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