[Cat TG] Creative Punishment

 Jack’s witch girlfriend Bailey really had a creative punishment waiting for him after finding out he’d been cheating on her. At first it was a simple “see live from the other side” spell, making him a girl and her the guy - but when she found out he loved it still she dialed it up a notch, by switching his soul with a stray cat. Forcing him to live outside for a few months would do him some good.

At first, seeing the hot woman crawl around on all fours was nothing to Bailey, but slowly her masculine urges took over and she had to put clothes on the thing. The nincompoop mind operating a goddess was too much for her and her dick to handle. One time, she even stuck her dick in the strays pussy just to relieve that tension, but she immediately felt bad and stopped. When the stray started getting annoyed, and started taking off it’s clothes to masturbate (god knows where it learned that) was when Bailey decided enough time had passed. But there was a problem, she couldn’t find Jack and the original cat body anywhere. Of course she could make this girl whoever she wanted to be and fix it, but the original Jack would be stuck as a cat forever, and she couldn’t bring herself to do that just incase he got lost. So the idiot cat inside the hot woman stayed to torment her.

What Bailey didn’t know was Jack found a way out - by biting the cheerleader captain of the high school nearby he had become human again, and planned a whole new life for himself.


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