New Influencer on the Block

 Jake had been having a blast since he possessed popular tiktoker, Avivasofia. The masturbating was ethereal, looking down and seeing her petite tits and warm, throbbing pussy. In fact he even found out a new way to do it, he’d get in her underwear and cum in it until his kitty was sore, then he’d wear it to the store or in public. The looks he got from strangers after they smelt his dirty crusty underwear just made him even more horny. 

But the best part by far, was the tiktok dances and streaming on twitch. He could post whatever he wanted, just knowing so many boys (and girls) were cumming to his new face. Then, on stream, he could wear whatever he wanted and just play video games.

Eventually Jake got bored and moved on to a different influencer, but he’d always remember his time as avivasofia.  


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