Mom? 2

 After spending a couple days in Claire’s body, Alex began to get bored. His husband was terrible at sex and his kids were annoying, always needing money or to be driven somewhere. He decided to do something big. 

First, he stripped completely naked and went into the kitchen - then grabbed every food item he saw and threw it on his naked body. First he started with a thing of strawberries, crushed them up and rubbed them all over, even rubbing some on his pussy. Ooh he was getting so horny. He then took some salad greens and just poured them on him, making sure to really rub everything and make a mess - the icing on the cake was just that, icing. Claire was probably planning on baking something, but Alex had something else to say. He took it, handfuls at a time, and just rubbed it all over - making sure to rub his tits and really set his body off. Masturbating within the mess was fun aswell, fingering his pussy with his dirty hands while slipping on the floor. After he came twice, ge decided to cause some more mayhem - he walked out the front door. Still naked, still covered in cream. The first person he met would be his new victim. 

Seeing his strong neighbor Chris was enough, he moved his consciousness into his muscular body. Claire regained consciousness and was confused - she screamed, then covered up and ran home. Alex didn’t know what happened after, as he went to go test his new equipment…


  1. Great story, could you make more stories with bodyhopping involving milfs/ mom's?


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