Weird fetish

 Ever since Janette and Jack had swapped bodies, Jack had developed a mean piss kink. At first it was a complete accident, he didn’t know how to control the different muscles of his new kitty and accidentally pissed himself. But, in that moment, when his nipples hardened and he felt his pussy ache and throb, he knew exactly how to get the best orgasms he’d ever had…ever. He’d drink a lot of water throughout the day, and wait until his bladder was 100% full, then he’d just let it go. He loved to slosh around in the liquid, smearing it on his tits and fingering his pussy afterward, just being a dirty sloppy little piss whore. His new favorite was positioning himself so he’d pee on his stomach and into his mouth. He’d never drink it, but smelling the dirty rotten piss, the stickiness afterwards, just made him hornier and hornier. 


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