Campfire Conversation

 It was one conversation, had while drunk, at the campfire. 

Stacy and Will (Her daughters boyfriend) had been talking about how hard it was to be each gender, the different societal expectations, inconvenient necessities, etc etc. They had no idea that a fairy lived in the lake they were next to - and decided to take action. 

Will woke up and immediately felt his new breasts and hair, he knew exactly what had happened and was excited, Kaylie’s mom was HOT, he dreamed about feeling up these tits and rubbing her pussy until she came - and that’s what he did. For hours. He’d try on new clothes, masturbate in them, throw them on the floor and repeat that cycle until his girlfriend called him down. 

“Mom cmon we’re gonna be late for the movie!!”

Shit, he thought, he forgot he was gonna go out with his girlfriends family today..the idea of seeing his old body made him want to rub one out again…is this how Stacie really felt? If so he’d happily oblige…

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