Message in a Bottle 2: Electric Boogaloo

 Hey all! 

Awhile ago I made a post about a donation link if anyone was interested in supporting this blog. Since then I deleted the post and thought I’d just muscle through - until I found The Swapping Caps’s post about a Patreon. So, here we are. 

If you want to follow, I made three different tiers all under $10! It’s for if you like what I post and want to support me more, and also if you wanna see exclusive longer (spicier too!) captions/posts that won’t get posted here (I can’t post pictures tho, so the blog still has some positives :))

Anyway, here’s the link. Even a glance is much appreciated!! Posting will resume to normal once I get a good handle on a new job. Thank you guys so much :))

Best Wishes,



  1. I advise you set a patron level that you will do the request or commission of cap series story,I would like to support that level of patron in patreon!


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