I’ve always wanted to be you

 Adam sat Daniella down on his bed, he tried his best to compose a super serious tone. 

“Daniella, there’s something I have to tell you…” 

She took this as a joke, they had always had that sort of relationship

“What, you like me? Yeah me too lol” she said and chuckled. Adams refusal to return the smile made her laugh stop. 

“No it’s…idk how to…I’ve always felt that I should’ve been born a girl, and when I met you I realized how strongly I felt about this.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone

“And so…I found this body swap spell online, and was wondering if you’d be interested in trying it.” Daniella was at a loss for words, “is it permanent?” She asked, “no, it’s only for a day. I want to use it to see if I should start hormones and truely become a woman. A trial run, if you will.” She paused for a moment, 

 “Sure, I’m down.” 

Adam breathed a sigh of relief, then got out the spell and chanted it. After waiting, nothing happened, he tried again, and nothing happened. “I should’ve known to not trust the internet. I’m sorry to bother you about this.” Adam says, Daniella runs his shoulder, “it was worth a try. Thank you for asking consent-“ before she could finish, her phone rang. 

“Sorry that’s my mom, I gotta go.” She says, an empty feeling blossoming in Adams heart as she leaves. 

The next morning, he didn’t expect to wake up in her body!! He looked down, tits on his chest, a white pair of Calvin Klein underwear covering his new pussy. He shot up and stared ar his new face in the mirror.

“It worked! Holy shit it worked!” He grabbed his chest, the mounds of flesh filling up his hands. He felt a new throbbing sensation down below that he just HAD to investigate.

He had seen a lot of masturbation videos to get a good sense, he rubbed his tits and started breathing slowly, in no time his pussy opened up and he slid his fingers in the slimy wet hole. He stopped after 4 orgasms back to back fo back. What he didn’t tell Daniella is it WAS permanent, and she would never no the difference, as there was also a mind change affect that would make the swap-e think they were the swapper. He could truely fulfill his dream of being Daniella Michaels, 


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