Getting used to this:

 TW: C/NC MENTIONED!! If this isn’t your thing please do not read :) 

Things had been really…hairy since Mark and Ethan were forced to possess two girls to get the cops off their tail. 

Mark had secretly wished he was always a girl, so getting the time to adjust for him was small and easy, however the same couldn’t be said for Ethan. In his male body he was big and strong, so all of a sudden having to adapt to being a small and weak girl was a culture shock. Something that helped him, tho, was buying and constantly wearing a strap-on. The straps themselves were uncomfortable, but tricking his mind into having a sick again really helped him ease into his new life.

It took awhile for Mark to admit this to Ethan, but ever since switching he had developed something new..a consent/non-consent fetish. He loved getting taken advantage of unexpectedly in his small petite body. When Ethan heard, at first he was shocked, but after fuckinf him for the first time over the kitchen counter, when Mark was just doing his dishes, was a nice feeling. It was also a catharsis for Mark, seeing his tits move back and forth as he brought he roommate to orgasm, slowly helped him adjust.


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