Jose’s Monster

 Jose did just about exactly what you’d expect an 18 year old man to do when he found out he had the ability to trade any body part with anybody by thinking of it. First, he took Stacie Morgan’s wonderful thighs, then Alexia Chavez’s wonderful - entire abdomen - and for his face? His crush since middle school, Marcee Williams. But, when checking out his creation in the mirror he forgot one part - a pussy. Initially he tried thinking of who might have the wettest, or the most sensitive, but then he realized he actually liked having a cock there still. As he rubbed his tits through his pink and white top and stroked his cock he knew he was gonna have a good night. 

Another bonus was that all the changes seemed normal to everybody else - when he walked down stairs to get a snack, his mom only commented on him not wearing a bra and not the fact that he had different parts and pieces everywhere. He didn’t understand how he got these powers, but he also didn’t care - as long as he could orgasm looking like Channing Tatum or Scarlett Johansson he could care less.

Hey guys!! My first longer story was officially posted to my Patreon today to 2nd tier members and up! :)) please check it out if you’re interested. 


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