Life Long Mission

 Desmond froze as he looked at himself in the mirror. He was currently having the biggest existential crisis of his entire live(s). 18 years ago, he was hired to assassinate a wealthy politician, but when he ambushed him and his wife in their secret lab, one wrong bullet made their machine go haywire, everybody thought Desmond had been killed, but really his mind had been put in the body of the politicians un-born daughter. Growing up again was tough for him, especially as a wealthy girl instead of a dirt poor boy. 

Going through puberty was a whole new thing, he finally grew to understand why girls were so annoying growing up. Periods, bras, even jacking off was completely different. He’d go through stretches of time where he’d just forget about his previous life and live his new one. The baby never got a chance to develop a consciousness so he didn’t steal anything from anybody, he just wasn’t sure if he was Kaitlyn, the Daughter, or Desmond, the assassin. 

He’d also really got to see a whole new side to this person he was supposed to off, before he’d just fly in, boo, then fly out, but now since he saw who this person was and how they cared for people, it was hard. 

And now he was here, holding a silenced smg ready to kill his dad. He still had his old contacts, and now since he had a new body he could get things for cheaper, all he had to do was carry out his mission, return to the organization and prove it was really him  

“Pumpkin, you ok in there?” His mom asked. Interrupting the train of thought, nearly dropping the weapon it scared him so bad. 

“Yes mommy!! Sorry, lunch went through me like a water slide. I’ll be out in a minute…”

Five comments gets us a part two :) (also, am I the only one who’d actually LOVE to see an anime like this? If any big execs are reading this lmk and I’ll write for you!!) 


  1. Very interesting concept. I'd love to see a second part! Have a good day Exotic!

  2. Bad ass assassin trapped in the body of a cute young girl? More please.

  3. I can already see the name for the Anime: The Greatest Assassin Reincarnates as the Daughter of his Previous Target


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