[Pokemon TG] The Great Pokémon Shift

 The first thing Piplup realized in Dawns body - was how sensitive her nipples were. It’s like they were begging to be let out. In her penguin body, they were never like this. Once she set them free, her new human pussy started throbbing - once again, something she didn’t feel as a Pokémon. And oh how nice it felt. Rubbing her nipples and using her new appendages - something she’d seen dawn do many of times on the road together - made her have the best orgasm of her life.

How’d the two swap? Well, Manaphy was tired of the disrespect her kind was getting from the humans. Manaphy only meant to use her Heart Swap ability on a few bad eggs, but she accidentally went overboard and swapped the whole Sinnoh region with their Pokémon partners! 

Piplup in Dawns body soon found Psyduck in Misty’s body, and the two were all about exploring their new bodies…

A double header? Whaaaaat. Maybe if this gets enough traction I’ll do a part two. Animal and human swaps are always some of my favs :) 


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