Coming to a friend

 Ever since Michael learned his best friend since childhood, Brittney, could swap bodies with people he had one question he was itching to ask: Could she swap him with a girl. He’d always felt he should be one, but didn’t want to go through the transition process, he just wanted to be a woman. So he asked, and she said yes.

They spent hours searching rich neighborhoods for the perfect bombshell - then they found Anna. Anna was a hot brunette, with this really pretty hazel eyes and perfect tits. It was the body he wanted. So, a little switcharoo and Michael was now Michelle. 

“Just thought I’d show you lol” - Michael texted, sending a nude selfie.

“Oh wow!! She really is pretty” Brit responded

“Tysm, the orgasms in this body are insane!!”

“Want some help? I really know how to pleasure the female body ;)”

“Yes please!” 

Brit would swap into a multitude of guys to really make Michael feel at home. 


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