She had it all, the looks, the rich parents, the boys… Ryan thought while doing the dishes. His coworker was spoiled and never did her job properly, and he was jealous she could do so much when she did so little. After washing the final dish, just a small peanut butter knife, he turned around to put it away and accidentally stabbed Emma.

But, instead of blood and guts coming out, a light appeared and Emma started deflating, 

  “What’s happening to me??” Were her final words before she was just an empty husk. Ryan was in complete shock, he picked up the empty meat bag in disbelief. Nobody would know if HE went missing, but if she did? Sound the alarms. Holding her skin reminded him of when he would dress up as the school mascot, and once he discovered the hole in her back…he has the strangest idea.

After the skin had molded and fit onto his, he couldn’t believe it. He looked down and saw Emma’s perfectly manicured hands, her cute little tits poking out of her uniform. He walked to the bathroom, his fat ass and tits jiggling as he walked. He couldn’t believe when he flipped his shirt up to see her perfect tits, he really was Emma Hawthorne.

Throughout the next week nobody knew what happened to Ryan, Emma just said he left early and never saw him again, nobody knew New Emma’s secret, and they didn’t care. New Emma was so much nicer, less spoiled, and found a work ethic. It was a miracle. 


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