Tennyson - All Switched Up - Finale

 The two cousins had been going at if for weeks. Everytime they'd make progress on where CharmCaster was being moved to, but then they both would get super horny in eachothers bodies and need a release. Gwen, in Bens body, was starting to get more authoritative and demanding. She wanted her old pussy so bad, and Ben was gonna give it to her.

Ben, on the other hand, was also way more submissive and wanted Gwen to make him feel like the dirty slut he was. He craved his dick like no other, the orgasms Gwen gave him were mind-blowing and he never wanted to stop.

"So, the spell worked after all" Charmcaster remarked,

"Yeah, and we...want to know how to reverse it." Gwen said,

"Yep! I've been in my cousins gross girl body for long enough. I miss Ben Jr!" he replied enthusiastically. Charmcaster took one look at the two, Bens unkempt orange hair...especially in the back...Gwens collared shirt with the collar just barely hiding the hickies. She never hated them, just wanted a new life and now that she knows that it works...she doesn't have to tell them how to undo it. They both like it, itll be a favor they owe her.

"Well, you can only undo it if you haven't had sex as each other" Charmcaster watched as both of their faces dropped, then got comfortable, then feigned sadness again

"Ok, good...good thing we haven't done that and we can get right on it" Gwen responded enthusiastically.

After leaving the prison with this new information, the cousins decided to celebrate being "stuck as eachother" with the best orgasms of their lives.