[Life Update] I'm such a derp

 Hey all,

First off I just want to say thank you all for the support. My life has mellowed out more since my last Update post, and Im excited to say I'll be able to post more on the regular! 

From this point on I wont set such hard deadlines for stuff, it'll be more relaxed and I'll improve the quality of the posts too. Any feedback you have is greatly appreciated :) <3 

Also, all this time I was wondering why I wasn't getting any comments? Turns out it's a setting I had to turn off and something I couldn't review on the mobile app...so, if you've commented and I JUST respond its because of that. Im such a derp :(

Thank you all for your patience! :)) 

- Exo


  1. I've really enjoyed a lot of the possession content I've found here.

  2. Great to hear! And we all have moments like that, I spent a good 30 minutes trying to connect with a friend for an online game, but forgot I was set to Offline Mode

  3. Please do more body swap type content! Absolutely love it!

  4. Could you maybe do a ftm swap?


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